What’s Included in a Manicure?

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What’s Included in a Manicure?

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If you are looking for quality nail services and nail styles, you need to find out what is included in a manicure service at the nail salon near you. Nail services can be customized to some degree, but there are basic items that are always included in every manicure service. Herbal Nail Bar can advise you about the right items that should be included in a manicure service.

Nail Soak

Every manicure service should include a soak. This should last for about five minutes to prepare your nails for your services. This is a great and enjoyable way to start your services as the water is warm and soothing and will make your fingers feel great.

Massage Treatment

A quality manicure will always include a massage treatment. This is good for your skin and helps increase circulation while it eases stress. This part of the service will usually be done near the end and you will be left with the positive feelings and soft skin that comes from this great part of the experience.

Nail Shaping and Care

This is the most fundamental part of any manicure service. This is the part of the process where your nails are shaped and trimmed to the length that you want them to be. You can state that you want to keep your nails long or make them shorter. Your nail tech should be able to handle these needs for you easily.

Polish if Desired

You may want to have a polish added to your nails at the end of the service. This is almost always included in the service that you are paying for. If you do not want a colorful nail polish, you can opt for a clear polish. You may have to pay extra for nail art or other polish services.

Manicure Services Are Healthy and Enjoyable

Manicure services are good for your health and can make your nails beautiful for weeks at a time. You will find that caring for your nails is much more fun when you enjoy nail services that are done by a professional. Herbal Nail Bar can take care of your manicure needs with quality services that you will love.