Treat Your Mom At Our Naples Nail Salon This Mother’s Day!


Treat Your Mom At Our Naples Nail Salon This Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up fast! Have you made any plans yet?

Mother’s Day is a great time of the year to give thanks to the mothers that are here and remember those we have lost. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that mothers often spend so much time caring for others that they forget to spend time caring for themselves. For that reason, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for children, both young and old, to treat their mothers to some pampering at Herbal nail bar, your organic nail salon in Naples, Florida.

Keep in mind that our organic nail salon is closed on Sundays, so you might want to schedule your quality time with your mother for Saturday! After you book your appointment for an herbal manicure, pedicure, or another salon service, read below to learn about the interesting history of Mother’s Day!

The History Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has quite an interesting history like many holidays. Mother’s Day was first created by a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1908. It was conceptualized as a day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. After a successful first Mother’s Day turnout that year, Jarvis was determined for her holiday to be recognized nationally. Arguing that many national holidays involve male achievements and leave out female ones, she organized a massive letter-writing movement to encourage politicians to accept Mother’s Day as a national holiday. Her efforts paid off, and by 1914, it became an official US holiday recognized by every state.

Of course, like many holidays in America, it didn’t take long for Mother’s Day to become commercialized by florists, card companies, chocolatiers, and other industries. In just a few short years, Jarvis became disgusted by the capitalism involved with Mother’s Day and by her death in 1948, she denounced the holiday entirely.

Spend Time With Your Mother On Mother’s Day

We think that the best way to show your mother you care this Mother’s Day is to spend some quality time with her. Whether this is going for a walk in a park, working with her in the garden, or even getting your nails done together, make sure you spend some quality time with your mother if you are able to around May 12th.

If your mother is no longer here and you find yourself missing her this Mother’s Day, then make sure to do something to make yourself feel good on that day. Again, this could be pampering yourself at our organic nail salon, doing something in nature, or finding another activity that makes you happy.

And finally, if Mother’s Day weekend is just another weekend for you, well then it’s never a bad day to get a manicure!

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At Herbal Nail Bar, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond your average mani/pedi. We incorporate fresh herbs and organic products to truly pamper you and give you more than just great nails. We give you an entire experience.

While we try to accommodate walk-ins, the best way to ensure that you give your mother the best experience this Mother’s Day weekend is to book an appointment online! We look forward to welcoming new moms, old moms, step-moms, mothers-to-be, and any other type of mothers to our organic nail bar soon!