Top Fall Nail Color Trends At Our Organic Nail Bar


Top Fall Nail Color Trends At Our Organic Nail Bar

Fall is almost here, and we have a lot of clients coming in asking for the latest fall trends. In today’s blog, your organic nail bar is going to offer up some of the major color trends we expect to see this fall. There are a lot of nuances between even similar hues of nail polish, so rather than give you a specific color in a specific brand, we’re going to offer some general color trends to follow this season so you can come in and pick the exact color you want at our salon! Be sure to make an appointment at our nail bar in Naples for a relaxing herbal nail service, and keep reading to learn about some upcoming trends.

Fall Nail Color Trends

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Of course, we went there. Kind of brown, kind of orange, a hint of cinnamon, and not too dark. This nail color trend is sure to be a hit throughout the entire fall and goes perfectly with a plaid scarf and a peacoat (and your favorite Starbucks drink in your hand).

Nude And Neutral

Neutral and nude nail polish never goes out of style. However, not all nude nail polishes are created equal. You will want to pick the perfect shade based not only on your skin tone, but your undertones as well. Fair-skinned gals will most likely look best with a light taupe color, while ladies with olive skin might prefer a nude polish with pink undertones. For those with darker skin, try out a darker taupe color with hints of rose or berry to match your undertones. A manicurist at our organic nail bar can help you pick the perfect color.

Bloody Burgundy

Okay, maybe the description of this color trend belongs at a spooky Halloween party, but the point we are making is that rich, deep, warm reds are in this fall. Choose reds inspired by anything from wine red to maroon to, yep, even blood.


Break out your Chuck Taylors and blast some My Chemical Romance because black nail polish is back, baby! Thankfully, though, you can rock this look without looking too punk. Soften this look with a matte top coat or go for full high-shine.

Jewel Tones

Sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, if it resembles a jewel, it’s in this fall. Find your favorite peridot, garnet, amethyst, and lapis lazuli-toned polishes to complete this look at our Naples nail salon! These jewel colors pair perfectly with stick-on jewels and work great with a metallic polish.

This Fall, Be Bold With Your Nails

It might be time to try something new with your nails! Book an appointment at our organic nail bar to get the latest fall looks!