Summer Nail Color Trends

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Summer Nail Color Trends

Key West nail Salons are always at the forefront of the latest nail trends. You will find that a Key West manicure is going to be the trendiest service that you have received in a long time — and you can let Herbal Nail bar take care of your summer nail needs with the latest colors!

Bright Pastels

Key West manicures services are almost always going to be available in bright colors to match the beautiful scenery around you. This year, you can get your bright pastel manicure in any color that you can imagine, from periwinkle to turquoise to bright pinks and corals. This is the year of bright pastels that will lift your mood and make every day more fun.

Electric Green

This is always a fun choice to make, and this summer, green is a hit! Electric green is edgy, cheerful, and oh-so unique! You will love this trendy color option and there are so many great polish colors out there this season that will let you make the most of this choice!

French Manicure With a Twist

A french manicure is the height of fashion and it is a timeless style. A good french manicure never goes out of style, and you can get a french manicure this season with colorful tips, or beautiful stripes of added color around the nail bed or at the tips of your nails!

Gorgeous Coral

Coral is always a beautiful choice, but this year the brightest coral colors are in demand. There is nothing that says summer and fun like a bright coral manicure! You will love how this color complements everything and goes perfectly with your summer tan!

Bright Colors and Classic Services Are On Point

This is the year of bright colors and reimagined traditional services. You will find that there is no limit to the fun that you can have this summer with colors! Nothing says summer like freshly manicured nails in bright colors! Visit us at Herbal Nail Bar to get your summer off on the right foot with quality nail service!