Last Minute Gifts to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas

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Last Minute Gifts to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas

Christmas came up quickly this year! With a late Thanksgiving, most of us are rushing to finish our holiday shopping, not to mention getting it wrapped and under the tree. If you’re running out of time and still have a few close friends on your list that you want to shop for, but are stumped on where to start, you’re in luck! In today’s blog post, the team at Herbal Nail Bar in Naples is going to go over a few quick, easy, and adorable gifts that you can give this year.

Cute Mug

You can’t go wrong with a new mug that speaks to your best friend and their interests. Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to personalize a mug or find a mug that has a specific theme incorporated into the design. Maybe you get them a mug with a cute saying about dogs or something that touches on their love to cross stitch. Whatever it may be, the personal touches in a mug are something you can guarantee your best friend will love.

Bottle of Wine

If you and your girlfriends spend your nights drinking wine and catching up, then it’s a no brainer to gift them a bottle of their favorite wine. It may be simple, but a quick note that mentions how much you appreciate the wine nights you spend together makes this gift so special. And, even though you’ll likely be there to help uncork this bottle, it’s a gift that you know she’s going to love opening and likely get a chuckle out of.

Concert Tickets

When you’re feeling like spoiling your best friend, you can’t go wrong with concert tickets. There has to be an artist or band that you both love and (shamelessly) sing along to in the car. Surely one has popped into your head. If you’re sold on the idea, type their name into Google and figure out when their next show in Naples is!

Gift Card to the Nail Salon

Every girl needs some time to get pampered. If you really want to treat your best friend, get them a gift card to Herbal Nail Bar. When they open up this gift, you can guarantee they’re going to be smiling! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to get a manicure or pedicure, or both? If you want to make it a bit more personal, schedule a spa day for the two of you, and create a fun coupon to give. The only thing better than a mani and pedi is a day at the nail salon with your bestie.

Head Over to Herbal Nail Bar Today

Time is definitely running out, so you want to make sure that you head over to Herbal Nail Bar today! Stop in and pick up a gift certificate for you and your friend, or get your spa day on the books. Our team will make sure that your gift is everything that you want it to be. If your schedule is slammed for the next couple of days, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to make your reservation over the phone.