How to Keep Your Manicure Fresh


How to Keep Your Manicure Fresh

Getting your nails done can bring a smile to your face, and if you have just gotten a pedicure or manicure in Key West, you will want to keep your nails fresh and beautiful until your next service. Keeping your nail styles from being damaged can be easy with these tips and tricks. Let Herbal Nail Bar guide you in the right ways to keep your nails beautiful and fresh.

Don’t Skip the Top Coat

Always make sure you don't skip the topcoat. This last layer of polish protects your nails and the polish that has been applied to them. Dings, dents, and scrapes will be much less likely with this harder lacquer layer over your chosen nail polish. Topcoat can keep your polish from chipping at the ends of your nails as well.

Use Gloves When Cleaning

Many cleaning products are quite damaging to nail polishes. Any cleaner with rubbing alcohol in it or acetone will remove your nail polish just like polish remover. Be sure to clean with gloves on to prevent this kind of damage to your nail polish between services!

Avoid Hot Baths

While hot baths are lovely and soothing for your skin and muscles, you will find that they tend to damage your nail polish. This is because the heat from the water can cause your nails to get soft and porous and cause problems with your nail polish. If you want to indulge in a hot bath, make sure you do so close to your next nail service.

Avoid Chewing or Picking

While it can be tempting to chew or pick at your nails when they are starting to need a new manicure, avoid doing so. This will further damage the polish and lead to it coming off altogether. It’s always best to try to leave your nails alone until your nail technician can work on them for you.

Making Your Manicure Last Can Be Easy

You will be surprised at how easy it is to preserve your manicure in between services with these tips and tricks. Taking care of your hands with attention to your polish is easy when it becomes a habit. Come to Herbal Nail Bar for quality services that will hold up between appointments with our talented technicians.