Get Your Nails Ready For Labor Day Weekend


Get Your Nails Ready For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner which means you will likely have a three-day weekend spent having fun in the sun. While many areas of the country will be throwing one final party before the weather turns chilly, those of us in Naples will be celebrating the fact that it’s not blazingly hot anymore!

Whether you’ll be spending the weekend on a houseboat, in a cute AirBnB on Sanibel Island, or just throwing a barbecue for your close friends and family, you will want your nails to look good. At Herbal Nail Bar, your nail salon in Naples, we can help!

The History Of Labor Day

These days, Labor Day, like many other Monday holidays, is an excuse to have a little extra fun over the weekend. And, thankfully, that’s kind of what Labor Day is all about! Labor Day began in the late 1800s and became an official federal holiday in 1894. During the industrial revolution, Americans, including children as young as five, were regularly working 12-hour days, seven days a week. Many people were subjected to unsafe work conditions, minimal breaks, and taxing manual labor. As labor unions grew and more awareness was raised for these deplorable conditions, American laborers began to gain respect and were better able to negotiate hours, wages, and working conditions. Labor unions were eventually able to secure a “workingmen’s holiday,” later known as Labor Day, to show appreciation for all of the hard work that the working population put in all year.

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Celebrate Labor Day With A Fresh Manicure

If you’ve been working hard all year, then it’s time to pamper yourself! Take a break from the daily grind and experience a luxurious manicure or pedicure at our organic nail salon in Naples, FL. Our herbal manicures use fresh ingredients and essential oils to indulge your skin and strengthen your nails.

Our herbal blends combine fresh herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients with a Dead Sea salt soak and exfoliation. Our herbal blends include:

  • Stress Relief with soothing lavender and chamomile.
  • Mental Clarity with invigorating rosemary and peppermint.
  • Herbal Detox with refreshing green tea, lemongrass, and rosemary.
  • Calming Tea with relaxing ginger root, green tea, and lemon.
  • Rejuvenation with revitalizing peppermint and spearmint.
  • Congestion Relief with symptom-relieving eucalyptus and peppermint.
  • Muscle Tension with calming rosemary and eucalyptus.
  • Coffee Cappuccino with an aromatic coffee scrub and coffee oil.

Whether you want to choose your herbal blend based on what your body truly needs (we’re guessing Stress Relief and Muscle Tension sound pretty good right now!), or based on your favorite scents (who doesn’t want to smell like coffee?), the choice is yours at Herbal Nail Bar in Naples!

Visit Our Nail Salon For Some Labor Day Weekend Pampering!

We’d love to help you get your nails in great shape for Labor Day Weekend! At Herbal Nail Bar, you can rest easy knowing we will treat you to a relaxing experience that will leave your nails and cuticles looking and feeling amazing.

While we try to accommodate walk-ins, the best way to ensure a seamless manicure or pedicure is to book your nail salon appointment online! We look forward to pampering you!