Fall Nail Trends 2020


Fall Nail Trends 2020

With masks covering a significant portion of our faces, it’s important that we highlight what is visible, like our eyes, ears, and of course, our nails. Humans have been embellishing our nails since ancient times, and it certainly seems like with a global pandemic, nail art will continue to be incredibly popular. At Herbal Nail Bar in Naples, we’re used to this trend in nail salons and love how it changes with the seasons. It’s always interesting to see what color changes the seasons bring.

Nails are an incredible way to represent that you are flowing with the seasons, putting your own personal brand out there, or attending a protest or a civic act of one kind or another. Nail art can mean so many things to so many people. Nail trends this autumn are going to be amazing and we can’t wait to see what’s out there!

Here’s our top 10 autumn nail trends for 2020:

1. Using negative space. We’ve seen a lot of largely naked nails with just a pop of color here and there. Get a jump on this awesome trend; your manicurist can achieve this using nail tape.

2. BIG geometric prints. Think things like a big dot or two on a nail, mismatched colors, different colors all the way across the hands. It’s nice to feel a little undone sometimes, you know?

3. The new French manicure. There are so many ways to do it, but we love the subtle outline of an exterior corner and edge with the opposite interior corner and edge in crisp white. The offset of this particular patterning is so attractive.

4. Follow the logo craze: Put your first letter of your first name, or your personal brand, on just one finger for a minimalist, yet beautiful look. This trend allows you to put your finger on whatever it is your heart desires, truly.

5. Go for embellishment: let your manicurist give you a light pink base, then embellish with gems and jewels right ON your manicure. Pressed right on top!

6. Give your nails a chromatic look with your manicurist layering layer upon layer of color in jagged, unexpected ways, sometimes filing to expose the various layers after layering color upon color.

7. Minimalist glitter nails: think glossy, shiny lacquer, and then a tiny sprinkle of glitter, just one or two pieces per nail. For glitter that will really pop.

8. Multi-colored French-tip nails: think French manicure with a subtle twist, as your manicurist makes each tip a different color. Will you choose or will they?

9. Single-Line Minimalism. Think a thin red line painted vertically across the top of one nail, then horizontally across another. The thin red -or blue, green, purple, black even- line minimalist nail is here to stay.

10. Gradient nails. Surprise! They’re back, and they’re here to stay. The gradient trend pairs so effectively with other autumn trends.

Which nail trend are you going to try this fall? At Herbal Nail Bar in Naples, we are always interested in seeing what our clients are coming in with and leaving with. We love the artistry and creativity of doing nails. For us, this is where our artistic spirit thrives. We love connecting with our patrons here at Herbal Nail Bar and creating an exciting adventure for your nails to enjoy.