Dead Sea Treatments


Dead Sea Treatments

The Dead Sea has been blessed with a rare blend of potent natural resources proven by endless scientific researches worldwide to be therapeutically effective for healing skin disease. People from all over the world come to the Dead Sea where the most advanced methods and best therapists for treatment of skin condition, especially psoriasis, are concentrated. The therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea minerals have been researched for over a century. The Clinical results of these studies show that treatment at the Dead Sea is the healthiest, most effective available Psoriasis today.

Dead Sea

The world’s largest Natural Spa, with its unique features drawing in visitors from around the world searching for relaxation, and relief within its magical waters contains essential minerals. The Dead Sea’s mineral-rich waters consist of: Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Sodium, Lithium, Boron, Bromine, Strontium, Manganesesand many others.

The potent combination of natural minerals in these salts includes potassium which helps regulate the fluid balance within our bodies and improve circulation and magnesium and bromide to calm and restore the system. There’s also evidence that Dead Sea body baths detoxify and reduce fluid retention in the tissues, so not only is it the perfect remedy for reviving energy in tired, post-gym bodies, it’s a blissful solution for those seeking relief from health problems like aching joints, too.

Dead Sea Salt

A large part of the Dead Sea salts and minerals penetrate the skin and this makes the Dead Sea the only area in the world in which the natural healing method of climatotherapy is applied for treatment of various diseases, rehabilitation, renewal and strengthening of the skin layer and is thus ideal for healing rheumatic pains, relieving symptoms of chronic inflammation and increased dryness of skin, seborrhea, psoriasis and eczema.

Dead Sea Black Mud – Silt

The black mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea is in fact alluvial The black mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea is in fact alluvial silt washed down from the surrounding mountains and deposited on the shores of this inland salt sea. Layer upon layer of fine silt deposits have evolved over thousands of years to form a rich Dead Sea mud containing particularly high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. The resulting mineral-rich Dead Sea mud is a natural raw material that can be used by the body. The mud produced from the banks of the Dead Sea has become famous around the world because of its healing capacities. The black mud (which in its natural form is characterized by a sharp smell) is made up of layers of the mountain soil and silt from the waters of the Jordan River and the springs, and it has sunk deep into the lake. On its way the soil absorbs a very rich concentration of minerals and enriches the lake’s waters.

Scientific studies carried out on the mineral mud have proved, beyond any doubt, its benefits in maintaining a healthy skin. The mud has a strong cleansing capacity which absorbs pollutants, fat and secretions from the skin.