7 Fabulous Nail Trends of 2021

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7 Fabulous Nail Trends of 2021

This year has been a blast for some new and some continued nail trends, and your favorite Ft. Myers nail salon is ready to help you rock ‘em. Let’s check them out!

Pastel Nails

Pastel nails will never, ever, ever go off trend, but with springtime bouncing in, it’s the perfect time of year to rock these gorgeous shades of pale. Fingers tipped with chic cuteness are yours for the taking at your local Ft. Myers nail salon.

Jewel Nails

This Cardi B-inspired trend looks hot and glam no matter what. Whether you are meeting throngs of fans or just heading to the grocery store, jewel nails attract attention like no other. Get ready for a longer session than usual with your fave Ft. Myers manicurist if you’re looking to rock these bejeweled beauties.

Color-block French manicure

This lovely take on a mani turns the standard French manicure upside down with a lighter base color and darker tip, or flip it for your own take on this beautiful option for a French manicure that is all about the color! Stick within the same tonal range or use complimentary or even mismatched colors. Do the same two colors throughout, wear one set of colors on one hand and one on the other, or change them up on every nail: you can wear this trend however you want to.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are always in fashion, but the type of animals that are hottest in 2021 are the ones that will make you go “moo!” That’s right: move over, leopard and cheetah prints, the cow is the hottest print for your digits these days. This sassy style is being flaunted by the likes of Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner, so if you’re dying to get in on the trend, book your appointment with your Ft. Myers nail salon tech today!

Zigzag Nails

Chevron nails, also known as zigzag nails, are surprisingly simple to create at home. If you want to make sure they are finished to perfection, however, head over to the Ft. Myers nail salon of your choice to have this bold and vibrant print applied flawlessly.

Graphic Detail

With options like geometric shapes, teeny-tiny polka dots, arches, curves and more, graphic detail nails are a sight to behold. This gorgeous trend borrows from various other trends and keeps it all within one color palette to look glam and finished. It’s a work of art you can attempt at home, but for more complicated designs, book with the Ft. Myers nail tech you love the most and get artsy!

Green Nails

For the minimalist who wants just one sleek color, the hottest color this season for nails is green! Green nails in any shade or hue from mint to olive to wintry pine will suit a 2021 manicure just perfectly. Try just an emerald tip and an otherwise nude base to give this a whirl before going all-in if you’re not feeling 100% on the green trend.

If you’re needing anything from a polish change to a full set of acrylics, your Ft. Myers nail salon has got you covered. Book your appointment today to get your nails in the best condition you’ve ever seen. We hope to see you soon!